Just get back on the bike

2 min readJan 9, 2023

Happy New Year, I know it has been a while.

I seem to use this blog simultaneously as public therapy and 6 month life updates, here I am on the first working Monday of 2023 sat at my desk, back writing about my journey on this road called life.

Life has changed a lot since I started this writing challenge just over two years ago and I am astounded daily by where single minded focus, perseverance, hard work, dedication and a few tears can get you in a such a short amount of time. I also love that in times of strife I come back on here to hold myself accountable.

Since being made redundant in June I have picked up some freelance multidisciplinary project work helping regional businesses develop their tech solutions, worked with some cool people and stressed a lot about tech issues I had to blindly resolve. And although it was mostly super fun, it has been very lonely.

2023 has bought me back on the blog as I would like to get back into a development heavy role. Building alongside the right team has proven to increase my development faster than fighting the fight alone, both at work and in life.

So I am getting back on the proverbial bike, both in coding and writing — this morning tackling a simple Python problem to wake up that department of my brain.

I have had to laugh at the hiccups I faced this morning, none of which were about my ability to code, more with my capacity to read basic instructions and typing the wrong keyboard shortcuts.

So if you would like to hire a dedicated remote backend Python developer with a passion for building exciting projects and challenging the status quo, get in touch.

For now I am going to teach myself a Python framework called Flask and brush up on my SQL and I will be back here at the end of the week more insights, updates and useless gifs!