Day 55 — Perspective

1 min readMar 20, 2021

Everyday this week has been a tough day but each day we have made progress, today unfortunately wasn’t that day, but we are on the last day of week 11 and the last weekend of the programme is upon us.

Part of the programme is understanding when to stop, take stock and do some learning. Today was that day — we started to implement some features but with all of our might they will still not work. No matter what we tried, we could not get our features to work.

We got to a point today as a group where we realised that to progress at the speed we need to, we need to upgrade on our knowledge. Meeting with Coach Alex today he helped us guide our learning and make a plan for the weekend.

We have decided we are working the weekend, it’s an optional choice but we have decided to commit to it as a group to try and push on our progress.

It is currently 3am Saturday and I have been working on more fixes for my computer mixed with some soca, friends and rum. I had completely forgotten to blog but I am here.

Software and Soca

So I wasn’t sure today what tune to pick but this was playing on twitch and it’s a classic! Rupee — What Happens in the Party!