Day 54 — WIT

1 min readMar 18, 2021

It’s 11.15pm and this will be short blog as I am still working. but I am 7 days from blogging every single week day of my course and that is a streak I am not about to break!

I am currently working on importing our database — something I have just wanted finished for the past 48 hours and so I am happily putting in the extra hours to get this done. This isn’t a sexy job — but it will allow us to make much more progress tomorrow.

A job I used to work at loved the saying WIT — Whatever It Takes! Now I did not agree about that in the context of work as it can lead to many unhealthy practices but occasionally it is very necessary and needs must.

Software and Soca

I have been on twitch a lot over the past few weeks and listening to many awesome DJs from around the world but I have been spending most of my time virtually in Toronto. The DJs from the 6 are the creme de la creme of soca DJs and they have been killing this tune! I love it so much, it’s a new release from Kes and I AM IN LOVE! Enjoy ❤