Day 53 — Simple

1 min readMar 17, 2021


Day 3 of our group project and today was HAAAAARD.

Mostly due to technical issues and set up — we spent a lot of time fixing things and not building the product. This is sometimes how it goes, especially when everyone has their own unique environment.

On the the plus side today we agreed as a team the best path to pursue with our app, one which we were split on at the close of play yesterday.

I have spent most of this evening trying to understand how to persevere with this project. It has been a lot of lows with some small highs. Things will get better but sometimes you just need to spend serious time in the trenches making sure the foundations are solid.

I think we have a pretty solid plan of next steps and I have been looking at different components that need to come together. For now I am going to conserve energy and get an early-ish night.

Software and Soca

Tomorrow is a new day and I must remember that! Here is my soca dedication from Kerwin Dubois and Teddyson John — New day ❤