Day 52 — Implosion

1 min readMar 16, 2021

There isn’t much to say today other than that my computer imploded 3 times and its painful right now!

We have been setting up our machines today to handle the technology we will be building our app in. My computer has not been enjoying it at all. I am writing this blog at 9pm and it still is installing programmes.

There have been some debates today about the way we should be implementing our programme, I definitely felt like the bad guy at one point today but if we want an impressive product then we have to speak up for what we think will and wont be a good product.

I also had a review today with a reviewer I hadn’t had before — Josh. For the last of the set of the five reviews they run at Makers — I am actually going to do them all again but in javascript this time. This review was not easy — mostly as I couldn’t visualise how to fix the problem.

I eventually got there after spending some time on the internet, it wasn’t the most efficient way of solving the problem but it got done, eventually. I will await my feedback.

For now I am going to keep learning about react applications and try and conquer all of the things I need to know!

Software and Soca

Todays song is a classic from WCK from Dominica and I heard it early this morning and has me dancing all day!




On a mission to learn to code while playing soca!