Day 51–Decisions

2 min readMar 15, 2021


It is Monday of Week 11 (I swear every Monday blog starts like this) and I woke up anxious as hell. Today we would start our final project for Makers — our showstopper in our current portfolio. My anxiety stems mostly from the two main unknowns 1. What will I be working on and 2. (the big one) who will I be working with.

It is going to be a very intense project over the next 11 days and having people with the same priorities and commitment as you as well as those that you can laugh with is very very important.

Alice is our coach for the two weeks of our project. She spent half an hour explaining how the two weeks were going to work, what our priorities should be and how best to tackle the final hurdle of the course.

At 10.30 our teams were announced and I could breathe a very large sigh of relief. My team is made up of Anna — we have worked together on two previous group projects, Charlie — my mentee brother, Jack and Hollie who I was yet to work with yet but came highly recommended.

Firstly, I was happy our team wasn’t of 6 people as that was tough in my last project, secondly I was glad I had a good mix of people who I have and haven’t worked with before.

Today was mostly about planning and making many decisions. Deciding on our project idea, the technology we would use, what our basic product will be, what roles our team would take, wireframe designs on how our core product would look and some basic branding and design decisions.

I am not going to go into much detail about the product yet but in due time all will be revealed. Just know for today, day 1, I am very happy, I have a lot to learn but I am excited for the next two weeks and I know we will build an exciting project.

Software and Soca

Today’s song is because I am feeling pretty excited for lockdowns to start relaxing and here is a little reminder for you from Wetty Beatz — Ting go nice again!




On a mission to learn to code while playing soca!