Day 47 — Better days

After a tough-ish day yesterday I was determined for it to not be two in a row. I found myself paralysed by perfection, not knowing which direction to take my code, I found the code I did write to be pretty useless.

Thinking about this last night, I realised I have spent so much time practicing tech tests in a timed and assessed environment, without those conditions, I felt like I was stranded at sea.

I spent some time chatting to Eóin about it, deciding that setting some of these boundaries for myself may help me. I scrapped all my code and planning and gave myself less than 4 hours to smash through it.

It ended up taking me a little longer — 4.5 hours but I finally got through it all. The deadline was perfect as I had a review booked for 4pm today. This time it was with Ronald, my first reviewer — the reviewer from when I royally flopped.

The challenge today was a calculator challenge. If it was only as simple as it sounds…intentionally designed with plenty of opportunities to fall flat on my face. Now it was a good exercise for me as I was able to stretch my coding legs.

Overall it was good, he was very impressed with my improvement so I feel like I have redeemed myself. Definitely still have plenty of space to grow and improve and I got some great feedback about a concept that I was trying to explore but I didn’t know what it was called.

Another day, another step forward on my journey and I am here for it!

Software and Soca

On a mission to learn to code while playing soca!