Day 46 — Know your worth

Wow — what a weekend. My first one officially off and I had a great time out of the house and away from my computer and it was quite glorious! I had some great food, some awesome (online) Soca parties and a great drive too! But I ended up more exhausted than ever!

Monday morning was a tough one to wake up and I was straight into the dream team. Catching up over weekend plans and jealousy over Tom being able to go for a Steak in a restaurant as Chile are not in lockdown.

From there the awesome Eóin kicked off Week 10 — they are insane words to be saying when the course is only 12 weeks. This week is a step change from the last 2, working alone instead of as a group.

We are working on Tech tests — a phrase you have heard me say before. There are two types of tech tests that are used in interview processes. The first is a time limited and watched session like my weekly reviews and the second is called a take home tech test. This is where you are given ‘unlimited’ time to produce the best code you can.

Time is not quite unlimited but more free time and not watched step by step. So off I went to start my first tech test — bank accounts. Now, I was quite hyped, a pretty simple task and I thought great, let’s smash through it.

At 12 I stopped my work for a phone call with a Careers Coach — Ben. I have been fortunate to be connected for an exploratory interview call on Wednesday but it has been a while since I have had any interview practice. I also have never had an interview discussing my new skill set.

It was a great call but Ben reminded me of one important thing. I come with a previous career history, a skill set that is an addition to my new one. Just because I have decided to switch careers, I shouldn’t leave my previous experience at the door. Know your worth walking into the room and do not forget it!

Software and Soca

On a mission to learn to code while playing soca!