Day 42 — Comfort

Todays day started with the usual Dream Team catch up. No matter what each day throws at us, this small half an hour every morning brings me so much joy — half the time we chat absolute nonsense, but yesterday especially I realised how much I appreciate this safe space and how blessed I was to have such an awesome group.

Similarly, having a stress free group for the past 10 days has made this project a lot easier to handle while dealing with my own personal emotional rollercoaster.

There has been zero pressure to push on, a real focus on learning — having a dedicated time from 2–3pm every day to study and every group I have worked in has made sure we all understood what was going on before finishing that particular part of the project.

Today was no different, working with Miranda and Pete on functionality of posts on our Acebook as well as starting the implementation of likes. Neither of which were easy but working through these problems without much pressure means we got so much done — whilst also learning a lot.

I realised, while going through some tough experiences these last few days I have built some solid foundations in my learning practices, with my support network both inside and outside the course and confidence within myself. All of this puts me in a great place to push forward!

Soca and Software

On a mission to learn to code while playing soca!