Day 1?

2 min readMar 29, 2021

Hello Blog family — I am back from the other side of graduating Makers.

Yes, you read that right I am a Makers Alumni now after successfully finishing the course on Friday. If you missed demo day then feel free to have a watch to see what me and my team got up to in the past two weeks.

Unfortunately I lost the blogging streak at the final hurdle but the trials and tribulations of the project made me choose sleep over blogging unfortunately.

What have I been up to since Friday — well a lot more sleep. Friday night was great to have a social with some of my peers on the course, it was a pretty late on with me signing off of Zoom at 2.30am Saturday morning.

The rest of my weekend was major TLC and starting of a journey of some more self development with a 4 week course in public speaking starting on Sunday evening.

I thought this was a prime opportunity on up skilling myself ready for all the interviews I am anticipating coming my way — it is definitely an under valued but highly influential skill.

Today was Day 1 of job hunting, I can’t say I was the most productive with a 2 hour nap mid afternoon — but chatting to most of my peers, the intensity of the past 16 weeks has definitely caught up with us.

I also took a little time to start making some edits to my CV — something I really don’t like doing so trying to do little and often. I also took a look at a Ruby/Sinatra application we built in the weekend of week 4, that Makers use as a bench mark for job hunting. If you are comfortable with that exercise then you can start application and if not, you should spend some time consolidating before jumping in the job pool.

I actually don’t even remember doing this exercise, feels like a lifetime ago, but opening up my code I was very impressed with what I saw. Well tested and clean code (99.7%).

I am not sure I am going to be blogging daily while on the pre course but I am going to try and aim for 3 blogs a week, with at least one documenting some of my journey to find my first Junior Developer job.

Software and Soca

So it has been a journey but one I am truly proud of myself for completing! So here is Kes and Travis World with Proud.