Another lesson in perseverance

3 min readDec 1, 2021


Well it has been a while, over six months since I have written a blog and I for one am in shock. In my last blog, I was struggling to find work, battling with my mental health and unsure where my future was going after completing Makers over the past 4 months.

So let’s rewind…to say that last blog changed my life would be an understatement. The blog connected me to interviews with multiple companies and left me with two firm offers on the table and a couple of additional options. Less than one month after publishing that blog I started my new job as a Full Stack Developer for a start up in Piccadilly, London.

Although my title is full stack, I work mostly in Python on the backend of our product, as well as supporting the wider organisation with Customer Success and Business Development. Only weeks earlier I had been walking around the park (fun covid permitted activities) with Aziz, Riahanna and the beautiful 3 month old Aaliyah telling them how I wanted to be a Python Developer!

The job is not easy, it was never billed to be. Mix that with bouts of Covid and Flu, perseverance through the summer truly was my key skill. In the back of my mind though my goals still were not complete. For over 10 years I have wanted to emigrate and work remotely and if anything my desire was growing stronger by the day.

A reshuffle at work with some new hires and a couple of departures in mid October, opened up an opportunity at my organisation that even I hadn’t seen coming only weeks earlier. I have always lived by the mantra

“ You dont ask, you don’t get!”

So I took some time out with our Chief Operating Officer and pitched the idea of working remotely in Saint Lucia and to my surprise it was not an immediate no, but instead she was incredibly supportive and the management team requested I write a plan of how a trial could look for consideration. This felt crazy!

Over the next week I put together a plan of action with the help of some of my good friends and my new mentor Stavroula and submitted it to the management team. The final decision was with the CEO and he asked to meet me for a coffee to discuss the plan. I was sh**ting myself!

To my surprise, before we had even reached the coffee shop he had already shared his key concerns but was incredibly supportive and agreed my trial. I was speechless, emotional and in pure disbelief, what had once been a pipe dream was now becoming my reality and right in the timeline I had wanted it to.

So where are we at now? In one week (8th December) I will be boarding a plane to MOVE TO SAINT LUCIA!! My barrel is on its way, my bags are packed, my goodbyes have begun and we are on the home stretch. I still have some very random bits to buy — Amazon wish list has been a godsend with gifts. But I am more than ready to get out of this freezing country!!

One year ago, to the day, I started Makers Bootcamp pre-course with a pipe dream and half a plan — what you can do with some self belief, hard work and a lot of perseverance is actually astounding!

Software and Soca

So I really am not a christmassy person but myself and my youngest brother Jack absolutely love this classic from Ricky T — My Christmas Pork. Enjoy!